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japandemic - sexy cool smart bite-size bits, like sushi. Toll Calculator for Drivers in Japan The Rising Sun: Surf Tourism Development in Miyazaki, Japan | Surf Simply japandemic superfly | Flickr Japanese man plants thousands of pink flowers in garden to get people to visit blind wife | The Straits Times Japanese Rule of 7 SocialGrep - Social Media Analytics for Reddit Essays · Articles For Beginning Cyclists Japan by Motorcycle '99 The Web's First Japanese Pizza Page What's Cool in Japan - Archives- Kids Web Japan - Web Japan Wiby - Search Engine for the Classic Web Oldest Search - Search for the oldest result on internet. 10Ten Japanese Reader (Rikaichamp) Review birchill/10ten-ja-reader: A browser extension to translate Japanese by hovering over words. 理解.com -- 英語のインターネットが読めるように Buying Books - Visiting Japan - LibGuides at University of Massachusetts Amherst Let's kensaku — searching the Web in Japanese - The Japan Times How to Browse Japanese Websites (relatively) Painlessly | The Mercer Family At Home in Japan – A Course in Cultural Learning and Survival Japanese Guide - TheMoeWay

Human speech may have a universal transmission rate: 39 bits per second | Science | AAAS


eliasdorneles/upiano: A Piano in your terminal







I really like the micro editor. Easy to learn, but powerful in the terminal. Other editors: emacs: is used by matz. I can't really get warm with it.